About Us


The Music Marketplace started in 2018 with an idea created by Ramy Adly.  Ramy is an American/Egyptian product manager, musician, and entrepreneur who studied at the Harvard Business School Online certificate program in Alternative Investments (hedge funds, private equity, and real estate).  Additionally,  a second HBS Online program was completed in Entrepreneurship (negotiation, identifying opportunities, team sheets, and financing a business).



TheMusicianMarketplace.com was built to establish one profile for each artist, but each artist can list talents for any job they want. For example, John is a guitar player, a songwriter who is recording songwriting gigs, composes original music, resells his software, and sells his guitar instrument all in one place. The options on TheMusicianMarketplace.com are unlimited.


“We are so grateful for every musician who creates original music, believes in technology and its future, and for the musicians who cross the location barriers of nations and oceans to be in one place here on TheMusicianMarketplace.com,” Ramy said.


The MMP is a proud American company with its headquarters based in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A..

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