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A simple, secure process for artists and clients.


Post samples

of your music so clients can hire you. Earn a living right from your home studio!

Get hired

Your music will be sold by the minute, based on the length of the final product. Work remotely as a producer, soloist, composer, copyist, or singer

Get paid

Our escrow system guarantees you get paid after delivering your work. We submit the funds directly to you, no matter your location.

Get promoted

There are no subscription or job-posting fees.

A secure and simplified process for both Artists and Clients on the platform. It just works, every single time.


Search for your favorite genre or post a request

and the right sellers will send you an offer. You can go through musicians’ proposals, and browse their profiles and reviews.

Hire musicians

Remember that music is sold by the minute, based on the duration of the final product

Pay securely

Enjoy our escrow payment system. We accept payment via PayPal, checks, bank transfers, and payment gateways, which include a 1% transaction fee.

Receive licensed music

All musicians include a license for you to publish, sell, and use the music without any loyalties. You can also purchase a buyout license from select musicians.

Price Range

$3 to $999

Price Per Finished Minute

defined per delivered minute of the final song.

Work from your own place

at your own available time.

No Subscription Fees, sellers keeps 80% of what they earn.

If you will hire a musician

If you have a simple tune in your mind and want to make it a song for public, here you start. All our buyers have a vision — a specific tune in mind, or an idea for a song. If you are interested in hiring a professional musician to bring your song to life, the Musician Marketplace has got you covered. Job featured in the following categories:

  • Music production
  • Live recordings
  • Composing
  • Sound design
  • Songwriting
  • Copyist
  • Soloist

How do you access these talented musical professionals?
The process is simple:


Post a Request

Post your project with the budget and the dateline and we will make sure that the right musician will see your post and will contact you back with an offer.

As well you can

Browse and Find

The professionals we feature will create customized music to suit your needs and preferences, and turn your melody into a song. You can filter your search based on the job, genre, or musical instrument that you’re looking for.

Hear a Musician’s sample

Find live soloists to record in your song or a producer to make your song complete and ready for iTunes. Filmmakers will be very grateful to find an ethnic instrumentalist to players for their movies and a producer. Meanwhile, our copyists will listen to your music and turn them to sheet music. Some sellers even help YouTubers create covers in their chosen style.

What do I look for in musicians?

You can evaluate the musicians from their sample, list to their Quilty of production, solos and their beats, you will be able to see from their profile if they can communicate with you by Ear or they are sigh-readers.


Send “Request Custom Offer"

Send a message to your favorite choice after you hear their work sample and easily send your materials, audio files and find out if the musician will be able to work for you. The prices all are placed on the screen to public. There in no hidden fees.

Hire a seller to realize your musical vision

Reach out to sellers on our secure messaging system to ensure the match is a good fit. Then, get ready to hire the seller. Note that your work and communication, including any files you provide for reference, will remain confidential


Pay in Escrow

Enjoy an escrow payment system where all funds are withheld until the service is complete. The Musician Marketplace offers an escrow payment system to protect both parties.

Pay for services you authorized only

For full information regarding to the payment, is all written carefully through our agreement, policy and term of service.

Payment Getaways

We accepted on the platform PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Visa and we are working on accepting Bitcoin in soon future. All payment getaway are subject for %1 processing fees.


In many cases we will be able to provide invoices for your files.


Use the Music property forever: Select your music license.

In the music world, there are two different types of licenses: basic licenses “you will earn it automatically by buying any service,” that allow you to create your song and publish it on streaming and downloading services. And the second license called Buyout licenses “you can Buy” are ideal for repeated use on TV, film, and broadcasts. Please note that many, but not all of our sellers offer buyout licenses.

If you are an artist selling on the platform

The Musician Marketplace gives talented musicians a platform to share and make a living of their music, make music from your own place regardless of their background or education.


What can I sell?

This version of the platform implemented Job titles for a Producer, Singer, Soloist, Copyist, Sound Designer, Composer.

Jobs you can work for are:


Song producer, Film/soundtrack producer, Play/theater producer, Live performance producer, Game producer or Sound designer.


Musician who plays Stringed, Brasses, Percussion, Wind Reed, Electronics, or other instrument.


Soprano, Taner, male and female for all genre and languages.


For live theater, Film composer, Songwriter for all genera from everywhere.

To become a seller, register in a sec with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Follow these steps to complete the process:

1 Complete your profile

You will receive a professional detailed profile to publish your abilities, skills, genres, education and availability, and place your bio with the keywords to be available to find on the search engine.

2 Post your stuff.

Post a music sample of each of your talents You will be able to create a box that will showcase each of your individual talents, musical genres, skills, and anything else you can offer buyers, so make sure to highlight your skills by creating multiple sessions.

3 Price your talents and specify your delivery times.

Sessions start at $3 - $999 per finished minute. This means that if the buyer’s song is four minutes long, and your session was $100 per finished minute. the total cost of services will be $400. As a seller, you will have access to a pricing page where you can increase the value of your services. Once you set your prices, you can specify your delivery time and the number of revisions you are willing to offer for each session.

4 How do I get Hired by clients?

Check often “Find a Job” section. Clients who Posts a Request to the market, will be shown at the “Find a Job” section. Second place is important for you is your Inbox, and to be Online. The Clients will be able to send their materials, songs that needs to be done, through a message to your personal inbox. Check often these two places, side by side with posting more of your talents.


1 Receive and send messages with offer button, specific delivery time and prices you will find that all via messaging system

2 When a Clint sent you a session to work on, you will be able to send your price to the clients, that should be close of the range of the price to your prices published on your session

3 Clients will accept or reject your price you offered for the job he/she sent. If the clients accepted your offer, you will get a message and work station page to start work, and the counter will count for your the dateline.

4 After delivers the work clients will be able to start authorize the job or ask of revisions. After completing the job, the clients will leave a review on your page, reviews related to the type of session you worked on.

5 When you are ready, click waithdroll for us to review your transaction and to send you your payment.


Then you can make music and start earning money. Here’s how:

Make music for your clients

As a Musician Marketplace seller, you will make music of the same quality you described in your session. Use your creativity, skills, and musical techniques to create a valuable end product for your clients.

Musician Marketplace sellers get paid for every minute of what they create. We rely on a simple payment process:

We hold the buyer’s funds until the project is complete

Our escrow payment system guarantees you get paid the money you deserve upon completion of the service. The system is designed to ensure your and the buyer’s peace of mind. When the job is complete and your client is happy, we will release the funds.

Payments getaways

You will receive your earnings within 3 days priode after the clients make the job as a complete, Payments will sent to you via PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer or Checks “for U.S artists”

Say goodbye to subscription and service fees

There are no subscription or service fees on the Musician Marketplace platform, and you do not need to pay to list your sessions. Sellers get to keep 80% of their earnings.


You will be able to take vacations always whenever you like, by clicking on vacation mood.

Questions and Answers

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For Clients

Who are my clients could be? What jobs I may find on the platform to do?

Clients might be singers, filmmakers, musicians, or even other sellers on our platform. The more sessions you offer, the more likely buyers will find you. And, since music boasts an infinite number of tunes, the opportunities are endless for you as well. The more songs you create for others, the more money you’ll make.

Does the musicians marketplace review the sellers?

Yes, part of our job is to review the seller credibility and our policy is very clear and sharp on its penitently for any encroachment.

If I am a seller on the platform can I Buy services as well?

Yes, Sellers on the platform can buy and sell, while clients have access to buy services only on the platform.

How do I make a song?

Please read always our blogs to be educated with the guides blogs that will be published to educate and inform you with more info.

What if I’m not happy with the results?

Most projects of artists on the platform will provide all they can to make sure they successfully gave you their best abilities and the job get completed on time and as expected, but if needed, we’ll step in to offer help. If there’s a disagreement between you and your freelancer, we’ll provide dispute assistance and, if needed, connect you with arbitration.

How I start hiring on the musician marketplace?

You are welcome already to start reviewing the market from this link and you are welcome after you signup to post a request for seller to engage

How does it cost for me to hire someone on the musicians marketplace?

All the costs is cut from the seller users, who posts their jobs Free on the platform., the musician marketplace has system of cutting %20 present of the price in general, and less percentage will be cut also when the musicians get promoted by delivering great job.

For Sellers

How do I get paid?

After finishing great job and clients authorized, you will get paid via the available getaways, are, PayPal, Western union, Pyoneer and checks “for U.S”.

When do I get paid?

There are 3 days priode after the authorization of the clients that you deliver.

What is my responsibilities as a seller?

All the jobs that you posted should be a promise from you to the clients, that will include the price range you posted, the revision times and the dateline, this is how you will be able to get an awesome review and get promoted to earn even more.

How do I get promoted?

The system is to sell more than $1000 in case to get promoted from Level 0 to level 3 than Level 2 than Level 1, please reed this page for more explanations about the promotion policy and terms.