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I mix with the goal of bringing out the most possible expression and emotion as envisioned by the artist. This means not just balancing and making it loud, but finding character in each sound, enhancing that characteristic, giving the sounds a place, and make them interact in a dynamic way. I am more at home in world, folk and crossover styles than pop or rock, but am always interested to take a challenge.
As for my setup, I work in Reaper with a wide range of hi-end plugins by Softube, Oeksound, Leapwing, Soundtheory to name a few, and have a Crane Song summing setup with some nice outboard, and PMC speakers.

If necessary I can re-record some of your parts on a variety of instruments, or remotely help you record new takes yourself in a studio in your area.
For the mastering stage, I collaborate with some specialized mastering engineers, which I can put you in direct communication with.

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Guitarist,Music Co Producer,Arranger,Mix Engineer


Improvisation, instrumentation, recording and mixing, sonic enhancement, organizing, communication

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