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If you like this instrumental track, you can buy it with a basic license on your Youtube channel or any other platform, it's an original track, unpublished, that has not been used yet, I've created it recently, in the last weeks in the Dubstep genre , I have called it by default with the name "Electrified", but after buying it you can customize it, you can change the name for one that you want and you can also customize this song with some special effects, textures, drops, switches, impacts and even enlarge the duration if necessary just by buying some session extras.
This song has a minimum of 3 minutes and can be extended or edited up to a maximum of 4 minutes (it is not available in less than 3 minutes), however if you buy this song you can use the amount of time you want.
Keep in mind that this job post is to sell this track specifically, in case you want to buy this song that is heard in the sample, as it is (without additional editions), the delivery will be immediately, however if you want another song please feel free to contact me, to take a personalized order of the song you want.
Each week I will be creating new and original songs ready to be part of the catalog of options.

Delivery in format: Wav, Aiff, or Mp3

Atte, Gblpro.

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Music Producer,composer,song writer,midi programmer


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