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bass is an independent Music Composer/Arrganger/Musician. He started out as a

DJ and moved from playing records to becoming a musician and Artist. He formed

a R&B two man group with a good friend and released two album's, while

opening for local artist. After a while the group went there separate ways,he

then started producing local artist around NC. His credits are Rap,R&B,

Gospel,Soul artist that did well locally. He did that for about 8years and then

he got diagnosed with "MS" and had to slow the producing down. So

nothing will stop him from doing what he loves,he now composes instrumintal

background music for TV& movie/film scenes, Advertising,radio spots,

in-store background music,and Music licensing opportunities.His goels are to

become a strong contributer in the music placement and licensing marketing side

of things. And hope to do so for many years to come. For these project you may only get three copy's of the work for if we can not come to gather one the sound, style , or tempo in thee try's we are not on the same page, The time it will take for the project will depend on the arrangement  of the track or how long it is and if it's a buffer, cue ,stinger or full track. 

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United States
United States



Improvisation , beats , Chorde , keyboardist, Arrger,mixer, engineer

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