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Hi, I am Lionel from Valencia, Venezuela. I have been studying music since 2001 with a private teacher in Classical Guitar Performance up to two years then I went self-taught with books, online videos, tutorials, ad by listening to other artists I liked. Since 2013, I hit the freelance marketplace as recording artist where I got experience from collaborating with other musicians, singers, producers and record labels from the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Denmark, Germany to name a few nations. I have even worked with people from Japan and Australia, the Oceania Region.

As a professional studio recording artist in the Flamenco guitar style, I have been influenced by masters like Paco de Lucia Vicente Amigo, Tomatito as well influenced by guitarists from the progressive and jazz genre like John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani.

My style is a mix of those styles I have been developing and practicing nowadays. You will get my original feeling through Andalusian & Flamenco techniques for guitar interpretation. 100% unique and royalty-free exclusively for you.

I record with a stereo set of a condenser mic and a dynamic one routed through audio Interface, sending deliverables at WAV format 24 bits, 44 Khz resolution. The conceptual recording takes for discussion and settling down ideas, I send them in MP3 initially.

If any question, please don\'t hesitate to contact me. I can provide a Demo before you place an order here on The Musician Marketplace.

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Oud player,Flamenco Guitarist,Composer,Recording Artist,Music Producer


Improvisation, Studio Professional, Beats, Solos, Leads, Flamenco

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