Hire  Musician Specialist directly from The Musician Marketplace’s premium program


Our team is well connected with music producers specialists and the composers who make music for the film industry of Hollywood, Netflix, World Cup and Gaming industry.  

You can ask our HR/PR team to contact your production team with live performances needs, our team is well connected with  star performers, such as Queen, Coldplay, Shakira, Amro Diab among others. 

The Musician  Marketplace’s premium program allows your company, agency’s communicators and enterprise to contact our HR to receive specifications for your project.

The benefits of being in contact with our HR to receive the perfect solution for your music needs 


The process of hiring specialist musicians for film, games or sport product is very simple;


1 – Send us message with initial explanation via the contact form below 

2 -We will be in tough with you within 24 hours to discuss deltas.  Is that simple?

3- We provide legal contracts and invoices for your records. 

4- We provide  the must important musicians in the world for your project 



Ramy Adly - Chief Executive Officer

An American musician, entrepreneur and Harvard business school graduate, Ramy Adly is the chief executive of The Musician Marketplace, worked as project manager to build the marketplace's technology and structures, since 2017. The Musician Marketplace is an American company based in Sales Lake City, Utah, USA.

The marketplace has been joined by world-class important musicians from over 170 countries around the world, the largest visitors music marketplace maybe on the web, with over 40 million visitors a year. helping the visitors to find the best fit talents for hire.

Musicians can now teach, booked for live performances side by side with the great custom made sessions plus selling any music, music instruments and more through the platform.
Musicians from Canada, Germany, Brazil, France, Norway, Egypt and The U.S among others are listing, hiring and connecting through the marketplace

Jill Chappell - PR manager

Jill is a seasoned television news producer with 15 years experience. She has been with "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" for the past 12 years. Jill has worked on CNN’s highest-rated events in history, including the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Presidential Primaries, Debates, the Presidential Election, as well as both Inaugurations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Jill has secured interviews for top news makers and guests around the world. Jill is also a recipient of The George Foster Peabody and a two-time national Emmy award for investigative reporting and for the 2012 Election Night coverage.

Jill's leadership and management experience before CNN has proven to help during breaking news situations and working in the field on major stories, including the VA Tech shootings, Arab Spring, the 2013 Boston Bombings, and yearly coverage of the United Nations General Assembly.

Angela Rivera - Marketing strategist

Angela is the former iHeartMedia, Inc. which is a leading global media and entertainment company specializing in radio, digital, mobile, social, podcasts, audio influencers and live events. plus the powerful knowledge that Angela brings to The Musician Marketplace and its hard worker musicians and project manager for The Musician Marketplace's premium program.

Commissions per level

Percent per level
Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Commission for values: 0.00 USD - 1,000.00 USD
Level 020%
Level 120%
Level 220%
Level 320%
Commission for values: 1,000.00 USD - 10,000.00 USD
Level 020%
Level 120%
Level 220%
Level 320%
Commission for values: 10,000.00 USD - 15,000.00 USD
Level 018%
Level 116%
Level 214%
Level 312%
Commission for values: 15,000.00 USD +
Level 011%
Level 110%
Level 29%
Level 38%