AI Music technology and The Musician Marketplace 

AI music technology and The musician marketplace

NFT Music and AI Sound Recognition

AI Music Technology and The Musician Marketplace


Written by Ramy Adly 


I came to the US from Egypt in 2012, and while studying performing arts in Kona, Hawaii 

I recognized that core aspects of AI sound recognition technology have similar ideas to the ancient Egyptian music system. 


As an entrepreneur and researcher, I found inspiration in the ancient Egyptian interpretation of music. Hieroglyphic symbols were used as code for words and colors were codes for sounds. For example, the C note was represented by the color red, the E note was yellow, and the D note in the middle was orange. 


Like the ancient Egyptians using colors to represent sound frequency, AI technology has been using code to represent sound. The innovations of the 21st century have created artificial intelligence that can learn to recognize all types of sound and interpret the data. 


AI sound recognition is all around us in the world today. A 2014 report by NASA details how sound recognition technology can be used to listen to the sun and predict solar activity. In 2018, NASA also reported that AI sound recognition is being used for voice control of spacecraft systems. 


AI is not only used by scientists, but also by common people every day. People use apps like Shazam that can listen to a song and learn the name of a musician or the song. We know how the AI technology of Shazam was built and we decided to go a completely different direction. 

What if AI could not only identify music, but also learn about the music it listens to? 


Here on The Musician Marketplace, we are implementing and patteneting new AI technology that will create a new era of sound recognition.


The MMP is developing artificial intelligence that can recognize different instruments, styles, and genres by analyzing scales and rhythm. 


We are designing this technology to help connect musicians to other users that have interest in the same instrument, genre, or industry. 


Samples posted by users will be analyzed to optimize their exposure to interested clients and other users looking to collaborate. Our goal is to help musicians get paid by using AI technology of the future. 


The NFT (non fungible token)


NFT is a technology that adds value to the music industry, copywriting music is hard, monetizing music that is already copyrighted is even harder. What about the technology that simplifies all of those difficulties, monetizes the work, keeps track of the original. This is the dream of all artists to keep their value, their sound worth more, and track their revenues.


Musical NFT non fungible token which is when you compose something new to one person as assets, with the possibility to keep equity in the assets. For reality monetizing and more. The famous mona lisa painting is valuable because there is one version of it, all others are copies, but the louvre still makes the mona lisa a pride of paris. Music can go the same path as the mona lisa. 


What if the musician on the musician marketplace can sell their original music as a NFT?


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February 10, 2021