How Musicians Can Monetize Their Work after a Pandemic?






Written by Ramy Adly


How have musicians been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Musicians all over the world have been hit very hard during the pandemic. A majority of musicians rely on performances, touring, and traveling to make their income. The global pandemic has brought waves of lockdowns and regulations that prevent large gatherings, parties, and concerts.
Most musicians around the world have been out of work, but there are still ways to monetize music while living in a pandemic and working from home.


Is everyone going to continue to work from home even after the pandemic is over?

While many businesses and individuals have suffered through the pandemic, a lot of companies have shifted their operations to an online setting where employees can work from home. Musicians have also adapted and have found ways to monetize their work from home.

Now the question is will people and companies continue to work from home even after the pandemic is over? There are many benefits to companies and individuals who work from home. For example, an employee can work for a job that is across the country or a musician can sell their music to someone on the other side of the world. There are also significant financial benefits for working from home. Transportation costs and living costs can be reduced as needed now that work can be done remotely from anywhere. Companies also save a lot of money on operation costs by having employees work remotely.

Another, huge benefit is that working from home gives an individual much more freedom to work at their own pace and take breaks in the comfort of their own home. Many musicians have been able to make an income while working from home because online platforms like TheMusicianMarketplace.com have allowed musicians to get hired, sell music, sell software, sell beats, write songs, and perform live online concerts.

Musicians working from home using TheMusicianMarketplace.com have financially survived the pandemic while building a network of online contacts in various musical industries. Some musicians and companies will choose to continue to work from home after the pandemic is over because it is more efficient for time and costs.

Are Musicians working from home able to earn the same income as when they were on tour and playing shows?

Not really, it is possible for musicians working from home to earn income but not as when they were touring, traveling, and playing shows. There was a widespread wave of panic that hit when the pandemic began and the world shut down. Every person on Earth was concerned and many were upset about not being able to go anywhere. Some of the most concerned individuals were musicians who relied on touring, playing shows, and making public appearances for a living. At first, musicians thought there was no hope to make their annual income because COVID-19 regulations and lock downs have prevented large gatherings from occurring. As of now, concerts are still prohibited under social distancing guidelines, so musicians all over the world have used their creative minds to find alternative, online methods of earning their same annual income as when they were touring and playing shows.

For example, the talented singer-songwriter, Ricky Martin, has continued to earn his income by adapting to the pandemic and completing his work through the internet. Ricky Martin has a networth of $120 Million USD and was playing multiple shows in multiple cities every night before the pandemic began. He would play a show in New York City and then play another show in Philadelphia in the same night. It may not seem possible for Ricky Martin to be as successful and earn as much income when working from home, yet he has actually been able to find alternative ways to earn his income as a musician through the power of the internet. Not every musician has the connections that Ricky Martin does, so online platforms like TheMusicMarketplace.com have emerged to create a space for musicians to make money and connect with other professionals in the music industry.


How musicians can make a living from home?
Musicians of all experience levels, genres, and industries can earn their annual income by working on the internet. On TheMusicianMarketplace.com anyone can:

-Sell stock music
-Sell music software
-Sell musical instruments
-Compose music remotely
-Produce music remotely
-Record video courses and sell it
-Get hired by others to make music
-You can perform online with live concerts
-You can create online content
-And more


Some musicians have been hurt by the pandemic, but many others have successfully survived and earned their annual income. With the world being shut down in a socially distanced pandemic, new opportunities have emerged from everyone staying at home. Musicians have triumphantly adapted to sell their talent online to people all over the world.
Before the pandemic, TheMusicianMarketplace.com started to build the tools and the technological platform that allows musicians to showcase their skills and their products all over the world.

Do musicians use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to monetize their work?


Millions of musicians around the world try to showcase their skills and work on social media, but they are missing one important piece of information. Social media platforms are not designed to make musicians money. Social media platforms have been built to connect people, communicate, and give updates on life. Current social media platforms may have the option for a musician to show their music, but is there no way to directly monetize their work. This is not the case for TheMusicianMarketplace.com.

In 2018, there was a time when I was in need of a musical service that I was not trained for. I needed to find a talented music producer. I have played the Oud instrument for over 20 years, I can play any song any time, I compose music, and I used to practice 16 hours a day playing the Oud instrument. That made a professional Oud player out of me but I never spent the same hours on learning to produce songs. That’s why I had to search for professional music producers to help me make a project that I wanted to create for a long time.

I love the song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin and I always wanted to create a rendition of the song with the Oud instrument. I composed the music, yet I needed some help to produce and properly mix the song. From my memory, I recalled hearing about a great Norewigan music producer who lives in Norway and is named David Tolas. I met his brother, Andreas Tolas, in Hawaii and introduced me to his music in 2012. I remembered that David Tolas was a great producer and I was able to connect with him to make the Oud rendition of “Stairway to Heaven”. The cover of “Stairway to Heaven” became a big success on the internet, and that is when I started to think about how lucky I was to have been able to work with David Tolas. If I never met his brother in Hawaii, I would have never worked with David Tolas and we would not have been able to create the successful Oud cover of “Stairway to Heaven”.

When we built TheMusicianMarketplace.com platform, we put into consideration that every person has multiple musical talents and skills, so there needs to be a platform where everyone can showcase their work and expand into different industries. For example, my friend John is a guitar player, singer, and songwriter. He views these as three different talents, but he can now use those talents to branch out into different industries of work. We opened up TheMusicianMarketplace to all types of musicians, producers, and other people in the global music industry. It doesn’t matter whether music is a hobby or it is a side hustle, anybody can get paid on TheMusicanMarketplace.com. Everyone and anyone can gather under this platform to sell their talents, their songs, their beats, and their teaching skills to people around the world.


TheMusicianMartkepalce.com is the world’s #1 tool that can help any musician monetize their work, get hired, and build connections. All musicians around the world, no matter their nationality, knowledge, or experience, can now showcase and put a price on their work for a global audience. Many musicians will continue to work online even after the pandemic is over because now their music has no limitation and can be heard all around the world.



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December 12, 2020