How to List a Job on The Musician Marketplace?

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Watch this video to learn more about – How to List a Job on the Musician Marketplace? 





Listing a job on the marketplace is how you showcase your talent and make it worthy of those looking to hire a talented musical artist like yourself.

Important.  You must list a job (your talent) that comes from you. This is no one’s work but your OWN original work. Ignoring this requirement will automatically remove you from the platform.


Let’s get started …


1- You need to fill out the tab that says “LIST A JOB.”



2- Once you have clicked on LIST A JOB, It is here where you list your services.

For example, if I am a violinist, I will share an audio sample of my work and a share what I am offering whether it’s playing for a commercial, documentary, or just a song for whatever purpose. It is here where I add what I would like to offer to the marketplace.


Please fill out the following fields: 


    If I’m a violinist, under JOB HEADING, I would write “I Will Play Solo Violin For Your Project” **this is a very important piece of information for the search engine and for your clients.


    This is self explanatory with the drop down menus given as a selection.
    EXAMPLE: Select the category in which you would like to be hired. For example, if you are a film composer, you will select COMPOSER and then under SUB CATEGORY select FILM COMPOSER.


    Select YES if you would like to issue a BUYOUT LICENSE for films.


    Select the genre that best fits your music.


    Here you should start with an initial price per finished minute. It’s recommended that you are reasonable with your prices until you receive positive comments and feedback on your profile. Then, your prices may increase.


    Here you will pitch your skills and expertise on why you should be chosen, in other words, your biography. You can also list your policy to complete a job whether it’s 2 or 3 revisions, turn around time, fees for overtime, and so on. Review other profiles on the platform to get inspired.


Fill Out TAGS, MAX DAYS TO DELIVER (the job), ATTACH AUDIO FILE (of your own work),


    ADDITIONAL REVISIONS – check this box if you allow revisions (and how many and how much?)


  • FAST DELIVERY— here you will be able to select how fast you can deliver the product


  • EXTRA— here you can list other services; such as mixing, add orchestration, percussion or other services.


Once this information has been completed, click POST A JOB. 


You can post as many jobs as you can offer. For example, if you play the piano, violin, cello and are a composer, you must list EACH talent separately in the LIST A JOB section. 


June 21, 2018