Month: March 2018

    Seven Suggestions to Successfully Sell Big on The Musician Marketplace

     Seven Suggestions to Successfully Get Hired on The Musician Marketplace

    1- EXPLORE your talents Post as much as you can.

    Make music, get paid

    You may be playing Piano, Drums, Singing and playing the solo violin. Usually, not all multi-instrument players play all of their instruments in the best quality. You may play Jazz chords very well, but not a perfect classical player for example.

    Make sure to answer these questions, the talent that I post is it good enough to be in song a production? Is my ability to do a song in Jazz genre as good as to make a classical music track? If the answer is yes, then you can post a sample of your song and start.

    Post something that you are perfect in doing so as to have a good market output. Also, don’t make it a habit to post and make special music samples for the market, no one always knows where the perfect opportunity lies.

    You might also be able to play one instrument with different genres, you need to post a sample of each of your previous recordings, a project that you have done in school or for an artist or even a studio. If you feel there is a great opportunity of music that you want to offer to the marketplace, stay in line and start to create your suggestion and post a sample of what you have.


    2- Your profile is you.

    Simply, the customer does not know you yet, your high responsibility is to represent yourself and show them who you are, what you can offer to the music market, your music skills if you can read music or playing by ears.

    Violinist usually plays by using music sheet. They want something to read. Many other musicians can only play by ear making both of these musicians to be talented and make the job done. But as a customer, I need to know if you are playing it by ears or by a qualified sight reader.

    What you need is to Post what you have done, a little Biography about yourself and it should be a well-written biography, and you may consider hiring a copywriter to make your Biography short and sharp for the public.


    3 – Your Delivery Time, Price and Quality

    Make music, get paid on the musician marketplace

    A good seller says I am offering my customers three great things which are a great Quality product in a short time and with a cheap price.  But the customer needs to choose two things only which are either;

    A.    cheap and fast, but not a good quality

    B.    a good quality and in a faster time, but not cheap

    C.    cheap and in a good quality but not fast

    You can list your jobs using these strategies. If you have many sessions you are working on, you can advise your customers to be patient for a little while for their order(s) to be delivered or you can at this point offer to them at a faster time with a higher price.

    The quality of your work is everything especially when the customers are happy. They will come back to order more and more and they will just keep on making music with you.

    The time of delivery is a very important part of what you do. As you are waiting for a star to leave the stage, you actually cannot wait to have the song done, customers will be waiting impatiently and maybe they won’t sleep till the delivery date and the project dateline is fulfilled. It’s a Holy date and you need to finish just on or before time.


    4- The right pricing.

    Usually, clients love to get good quality after you have given them your price.

    Pricing plays a great role when selling music. It’s always good to Start with a little amount. Don’t just start with $100 per minute when you are just trying to build your portfolio.

    When clients look at your rating and see few people say something about you, start by offering one thing for a smaller price.

    For example, if a demo will take 30 min for you to make, try to put the price for this demo to be as low as possible. You can even put $10 per minute to build a reputation and we are sure that the happy clients will always be back to you.  Remember with more sales in the music market, your future will be better than ever.

    You can always have an opportunity to offer more services for the value provided. You will also be able to add extra services for mixing, for example, mastering or for many other things to add to your services.

    So break it down and ask yourself if I sent this song produced only will be how much? If I mix it, how many hours will that add? How much will all that cost?

    All pricing is being defined per minute of the finished song. 

    5- You have to keep up the good work

    Rating is something which is very important in all markets, sometimes the rating is important than the money itself and the well-rated sellers will be getting more chances to be at the top of the search engine for more sales than the low rated sellers.

    What makes the rating?

    –    Fast response: Imagine if you are in a mall and you have a question to ask the seller and the seller don’t reply your question for 10 min or more? What are you going to do?

    He/she will go to another seller to ask their question. You will just lose it. Be fast responder and it will help you have a good rating.

    –    First impression: Usually those who will contact you are will be musicians as well, feelings are high so you need to be warm welcoming.

    –    The Great quality: There is nothing better than the song you sell. Just have fun making the quality to be good and be inspired. Ask your clients specific questions to learn more about the project and go from there to give them a great quality.

    –    Deliver on time: We usually tell our employees if you do not make it on time, you will earn less money. This is the work; there is nothing worth than to be late on your delivery time. Remember, song underwriting is like a house under construction for a homeless man. The clients will be awake until you finish your work.

    6- Always be connected.

    A buyer will search for an instant help. If you have a project normally you will need it to be done before you can even send a contact to the seller to ask if he or she can do it, right?

    This is the main reason why those who are online, are always the winners. If you are online on Facebook and whole day on social media, it’s time to make songs done and be online for your job, not to see others posts.

    Be sure that you check out “Find a job” page at the top of your head bar to find out if there is someone who has posted a request and you may help him/her find the need.

    7- Hear and watch other sellers.

    Always be in contact and watch what others do to showcase their work, there will always be a talented musician who will be on the platform and if you are a seller, you are definitely one of them since all the musicians on the platform very well vetted and searched well before they receive their tools and workstation for sellers.

    But remember not all have the talent of a showcase of their self, so be the one who learns from others and sees what they do and just do it.


    Ok, here is a summary:

    –    Complete your profile to showcase your talents, achievements, and person.

    –    Post often, make suggestions that bring value to the marketplace and post all sample of your talents and make sure only the one that you are done with projects for it.

    –    Deliver on time and remember that the clients will always wait to hear your awesome work.

    –    Pricing right, start with something you can do for $3 to $10 per minute to build your portfolio and raising and sell more on the platform. Remember the more you sell, the more you earn and get promoted.

    –    Keep your rating up because the more rating you get, the more you will be trusted to work with others.

    –    Be connected and provide fast answers to your clients which will also be reviewed on the platform. The faster your response will be, the more sales you will make, be online and make initiatives to contact other.

    –    Finally, hear and watch how other sellers post, build their profiles and explore their talents.


    Happy selling and Happy shopping. 

    March 6, 2018